BlumShapiro Consulting was engaged by Parallel Products to provide a complete Business Enterprise Review. Learn more about their challenges and the ultimate solutions.


Parallel Products, a company headquartered in Louisville, KY, was faced with the task of integrating the business processes and functions performed by multiple systems into one common platform. They also required that the new platform be scalable in order to support company growth in the future.

The goals of the company included:

  • Implement a single platform for collection and analysis of valuable data
  • Eliminate redundant steps within the data collection process
  • Obtain an independent assessment of current business applications, processes and requirements
  • Through an independent assessment, determine the best approach for implementing a single platform for collection and analysis of valuable data

In order to find the best solution for this challenge, Parallel Products needed to better understand where its strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement were. The first challenge facing Parallel Products was to perform a review of their entire supply chain, including detailed information about the reclamation process, so they could determine the best approach for integrating a new data tracking system. The existing data tracking process was inefficient and included layers of redundant data collection and analysis.


Based on the needs of the client, we determined that in order to meet their ultimate goal of a single system of record, we first needed to perform a customized Business Enterprise Review (BER) project to help visualize and represent the firm’s current situation.

Key steps of the process included:

  • Strategy review with the key management team where we uncovered objectives, strategic business plans, strategic direction and more.
  • Assessment of business processes and systems including analyzing process issues, developing a needs framework and performing a strength and weakness analysis.
  • Needs analysis to consolidate and evaluate the assessment findings, identify improvement opportunities and develop the needs, gap, risk and opportunity analysis.
  • Benefit analysis where high level solution approaches were developed, potential short and long term options were evaluated and an estimated benefit value was created for the various options and solutions highlighted previously in the BER.


“We selected BlumShapiro from a field of eight competing companies for this task. Their Business Enterprise Review (BER) process, their willingness to work in stages without commitments beyond each stage, and their experience in similarly entrepreneurial settings were keys to our selection of them as our vendor. Because of their careful and complete discovery process, we have been both pleased and “un-surprised” by what lies around the next corner.”
                                            - Mr. Russell Hoehn, Project Manager, Parallel Products



After the Business Enterprise Review project was completed, Parallel Products was finally able to get a complete picture and fully understand the gaps in their current information systems’ strategy. The project gave them insights into how these gaps had impeded their ability to achieve optimal performance for the business.

Additionally, our process provided management unique insight and allowed them to better understand where their company needs to improve in key areas―people, process and technology. As a result, Parallel products is now able to maintain their competitive advantage, identify potential solution alternatives to achieve their future vision and provide a project roadmap to move forward in obtaining their growth goals for the business.


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