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Manufacturer Sees 40% Increase in Bottom Line

The Challenge:

BlumShapiro's reputation as the go-to business consultant and accounting firm when problems arise prompted a recent visit from the owner of an industrial cleansing machine manufacturer with 20 employees and product contracts that typically price out in the $150,000 to $2.5 million range.

The owner had been approached with a proposed set of inter-related contracts that would total more than $20 million, a near recession-proof offering that would ensure work for the foreseeable future. In addition, the contracts had no set delivery dates, meaning his workforce could attend to more immediate contracts as they arose, and work on orders with less rigid delivery deadlines during slower periods.

But the size of the total order and the amount of investment necessary for materials and labor far outstripped his historical debt exposure. His typical sources of credit were hesitant to commit to his funding request, especially in a questionable economy, and he quickly turned to BlumShapiro for help.

The Solution:

Our lengthy history of solid, trusted service to businesses with similar needs and our long familiarity with funding sources across the industry enabled BlumShapiro to immediately turn his challenges into opportunities. Within days BlumShapiro was able to call upon our trusted partners to provide the client with an extensive list of potential financiers, ultimately selecting one that fit his needs.

The Benefits:

BlumShapiro's expertise and passion for providing the best business solutions enabled the business owner to secure financing, resulting in a 40% increase in his bottom line, an astounding accomplishment. He not only has business for the foreseeable future, but he has the flexibility to take on additional orders with hard delivery dates.

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