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  • 04.26.2016 - Ransomware - The New Pandemic
    What is ransomware? How can you mitigate risk? What do you do if infected by ransomware? Learn about all of the above in this compelling and information packed article.
  • 04.22.2016 - IRS Focuses on New Partnership Audit Rules
    Legislation enacted in 2015 provides new rules for IRS partnership audits. The new rules are a drastic departure from current rules and the IRS is hopeful that they will simplify the audit process and allow the IRS to conduct more partnership audits.
  • 04.22.2016 - Congress Takes First Steps to Tax Reform
    Tax reform continues to be highly touted in Congress. Lawmakers from both parties agree that the U.S. tax system is in need of reform. Congress continues to explore ways to make the U.S. tax system simpler, fairer, and more efficient but identifying and enacting policies that will result in a simpler, fairer, and more efficient tax system remains a challenge. At times this year President Obama and Congressional Republicans seem far apart on a way forward, but at similar times in the past, agreements have quickly and often surprisingly emerged, most recently in the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (“PATH Act”).
  • 04.21.2016 - White House & Congress take action to increase participation in retirement plans
    A recent study indicates that a majority of American households may not be able to maintain their standard of living after retirement and that the current private pension system is not working well enough to avoid the problem.
  • 04.14.2016 - Top 7 Responsibilities of Non-Profit Boards
    Non-profit organizations in today’s business climate are expected to meet increasingly large demands while operating with small staffs and limited resources. In order to ensure sustainable success, non-profits must have in place effective, focused and committed leadership.
  • 04.08.2016 - The Importance of Your Benefit Plan Auditor Highlighted by the Department of Labor
    A recent study by the United States Department of Labor examined the quality of employee benefit plan audits and found that nearly 40% of the audits tested had serious problems. Here are some critical questions you should ask to make sure your company's is in the right hands:
  • 03.16.2016 - Small Business Incentives, Reforms to ACA and Other Proposals in Obama’s FY 2017 Budget
    Tweaks to enhanced Code Sec. 179 expensing and the high-dollar health care excise tax are two proposals in President Obama’s fiscal year (FY) 2017 budget that could become law before the end of his term. President Obama released his FY 2017 budget proposals in February. Other proposals that could be passed by Congress include enhancements to small business tax incentives, expanded opportunities for retirement saving, revisions to the net investment income (NII) tax, and more.
  • 03.16.2016 - Treating Tax Time as an Opportunity
    Tax filing season is an opportunity and should be treated as such. With that in mind, here are some tips that can allow filers to do just that, tips that are never too late to put into practical applications:
  • 03.10.2016 - Tax law changes effective Jan 1, 2016 require some revised planning
    The PATH Act made permanent many popular but previously temporary tax breaks for individuals and businesses. This article covers some of the incentives that were enhanced by the PATH Act.
  • 03.08.2016 - Connecticut Tax Panel Issues Final Report
    The Connecticut Tax Panel recently issued its final report of state and local tax recommendations.
  • 03.02.2016 - Managing Transfer Pricing After BEPS
    The OECD BEPS Action Plan and subsequent legislation marks a defining moment for transfer pricing compliance. Multinational companies will have to make significant changes to manage the additional compliance requirements.
  • 02.09.2016 - IRS Audits on the Rise for Tax Exempt Organizations
    Whether you are a board member, executive director, accounting manager or CFO of a non-profit organization, you should be aware that the Internal Revenue Service is increasing their audits of the Form 990.

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