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  • 10.18.2016 - Partners Cannot Also Be Employees
    The IRS has manifested a renewed interest on the treatment of partners who are also being treated as employees of partnerships.
  • 10.17.2016 - Watch our Video: Cybersecurity Risks for Non-Profit Organizations
    Jeff Ziplow, Partner at BlumShapiro Consulting shares key areas that non-profit leaders need to be aware of when it comes to cybersecurity. In the video, Ziplow discusses three key components that are important for non-profits to consider including network security, patch management and user community.
  • 10.06.2016 - 10 Tips to Ensure Your Succession Plan is a Success
    A list of ten tips on developing a successful plan for your business’s future.
  • 09.29.2016 - Training Your Employees on Cybersecurity
    Don’t underestimate the power of knowledge. The more your employees know about cybersecurity, the less likely your organization is to fall victim to cyber-attack. Learn more about cybersecurity awareness training.
  • 09.29.2016 - How the Cloud Can Keep Airlines in the Sky
    Cloud computing and virtualization are game changers with regards to business continuity and disaster recovery. What can Delta Airlines and your business learn from this?
  • 09.27.2016 - How to Select an Auditor for Your Employee Benefit Plan
    All employee benefit plans (401(k), 403(b), Pension and other retirement and health and welfare plans) categorized as “large” plans for Form 5500 reporting purposes are required to have an annual audit performed by an independent auditor.
  • 09.27.2016 - Navigating The Crowded Non-Profit Sector
    Find out how organizations can set themselves apart to secure—and retain—donors.
  • 09.22.2016 - Phishing, vishing, smishing, pharming...Say What?
    So, now you know what ransomware is, you’re a cybersecurity master now, right? Not quite. Keeping up with cybersecurity challenges organization big and small – and keeping up with the lingo can be difficult too. Learn more.
  • 09.20.2016 - Succession Planning: What’s The Next Step for Your Business?
    Most privately-held companies lack a long-term succession plan. Why? Business owners are often focused on operating and growing the business, rather than on who will operate and grow the business in the future.
  • 09.15.2016 - Cybersecurity Risk Management: Is My Organization at Risk for a Cyber Attack?
    Cybersecurity threats are continually evolving, becoming more sophisticated and harder to both prevent and detect. Your organization has likely already experienced some type of a breach, whether ransomware, phishing or a malicious virus. With the severity and frequency of these threats increasing, you need to make cybersecurity a top priority for your business this year.
  • 09.08.2016 - Securing Medical Records From Cyber Attacks is Imperative
    Electronic medical records are an innovation that has greatly helped the overall medical industry, but with this improved access comes an urgent need to protect it. Learn more about HIPPA Compliance, Security Risk Analysis, Medical Record Security, and more.
  • 09.07.2016 - 8 Lessons Learned from History's Biggest Cyber Attacks
    Every day, over 4,000 cyber-attacks occur, nearly three attacks every minute. The sophistication and techniques used by hackers is growing and evolving constantly. Fortunately, we can use the lessons learned throughout the history of cyber-attacks to increase our knowledge and awareness, and in turn, better protect ourselves from cyber-attacks.

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