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  • 07.25.2016 - Navigating the Construction Industry’s Talent Shortage
    When the Great Recession hit in the mid-to-late 2000s, it’s possible no profession was as negatively affected as the construction industry. When the economy began tumbling, many property owners, business leaders, municipalities, and state governments shied away from approving any new construction endeavors.
  • 07.22.2016 - Capitalization Policy
    If your business does not have a capitalization policy or if it has not been updated in recent years, this is a critical accounting issue. A capitalization policy establishes, for book purposes, that a property purchase (1) over a minimum expenditure (e.g. $5,000, $2,500, etc. per unit) and (2) having a useful life of one year or more be capitalized. If an expenditure meets the capitalization policy, it would be capitalized for book purposes. If an expenditure does not meet the capitalization policy, it should be expensed.
  • 07.21.2016 - Don't overlook these employer tax credits
    Companies may be qualified to receive certain tax credits that could be utilized against their federal and Connecticut income taxes. Because receiving the correct job certification to earn these credits is important, companies should understand the eligibility requirements.
  • 07.20.2016 - Finding business value in the cloud.
    Cloud computing uses the resources of much larger organizations to provide on-demand computing needs around the world. Organizations of all sizes can tap into the same secure hardware and software resources used by the Fortune 50. We all use the cloud every day, perhaps without knowing it. A voice search you make with your phone captures your voice, which gets sent it to Cortana, Alexi, Siri or Google for processing and understanding, then translated into a search, and the results are sent back to your phone or device. This happens so quickly; most people think this processing is happening on their phone when it really happens on supercomputers in the cloud.
  • 07.19.2016 - Cybersecurity Risk Management: Is My Organization at Risk for a Cyber Attack?
    Cybersecurity threats are continually evolving, becoming more sophisticated and harder to both prevent and detect. Your organization has likely already experienced some type of a breach, whether ransomware, phishing or a malicious virus. With the severity and frequency of these threats increasing, you need to make cybersecurity a top priority for your business this year.
  • 07.15.2016 - Recent tax changes are reflected in new IRS statistics
    The IRS recently released its Spring 2016 Statistics of Income Bulletin contains data gleaned from more than 148 million individual income tax returns filed for the 2014 tax year. In addition, the report compares the data to similar statistics measured in 2013. In general, the latest report shows a continued improvement in the national economy, year over year.
  • 07.01.2016 - What is Bitcoin? And Other Bitcoin Basics Explained.
    The Bitcoin conversation has been diverse since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. Some say it’s the “next revolution,” comparing it to the creation and evolution of the Internet. Others believe it’s too early to tell, and that if we don’t all jump on the bitcoin bandwagon, the whole idea could flop.
  • 06.30.2016 - Cyber Security Facts and Trends Infographic
    Learn more about the real costs of cyber attacks with our cybersecurity facts, trends and statistics infographic.
  • 06.17.2016 - Bill designed at supporting taxpayers against identity theft tax fraud advances in Congress
    Responding to growing concerns over the scope of tax-related identity theft, the House has approved legislation to give victims more information about the crime.
  • 06.15.2016 - Connecticut Governor Signs Favorable Tax Legislation for Connecticut-Based Businesses
    Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy recently signed a budget implementation bill which includes favorable income tax legislation for Connecticut-based businesses. Following is a brief summary of two enacted tax legislation changes: (1) utilization of a single sales factor to determine Connecticut taxable income; and (2) market-state sales factor sourcing of service and intangible property revenue.
  • 06.08.2016 - Employers Need to Prepare Now For New Federal Overtime Guidelines
    Regulations released by the United States Department of Labor establishing new guidelines under which employees must be paid overtime will have a far-reaching impact on employers throughout Connecticut and the nation. Business leaders now must take the right steps to ensure they are in compliance with these new rules before they take effect in December.
  • 06.03.2016 - Are mobile phones your biggest weakness to cyber threats?
    Our phones are no longer only for making calls, they’ve evolved into our hand-held personal computers. With this, comes the storing of sensitive data so it's easily available to us―emails, calendars, contact information, passwords, payment data, etc. While these features are great for the traveling or telecommuting employee, it’s also attractive to hackers.

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