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  • 05.26.2016 - Intacct: Outsourced Solutions with an In-House Feel
    As businesses move themselves to increasingly leaner operations, working to do more with less, the need to handle complex financial work and bookkeeping while keeping it secure is critically important. In 2016 and likely into the future, more small to mid-sized businesses will turn towards outsourced services for support in this area.
  • 05.25.2016 - Why You Had To Pay the Ransom
    Your organization recently suffered through a bout with ransomware, you had no choice but to pay the ransom to decrypt your files and get your business back up and running. Now, you’re wondering why it happened and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.
  • 05.25.2016 - Enhanced Depreciation and Expensing Offers Tax-Saving Opportunities
    Passage of the “Tax Extenders” undeniably provided one of the major headlines – and tax benefits – to come out of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH Act), signed into law on December 18, 2015. There are over 50 tax extenders but few have a wider impact on businesses than retroactive and permanent extension of Code Sec. 179 expensing rules, the 5-year extension and phase out of bonus depreciation, and the new Qualified Improvement Property.
  • 05.17.2016 - Cybersecurity Awareness Resources Becoming More Prevalent – Will New England Follow Suit?
    New Jersey is paving the way for states to take a leadership role in the fight against cybercrime by taking a more comprehensive and inclusive approach into cyber threat detection and prevention information sharing.
  • 05.16.2016 - Agencies in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut Assisting Businesses to Grow and Succeed
    In an effort to stimulate growth in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island all have customer service-focused government and quasi-government agencies that assist business to grow and succeed. These agencies devise and implement strategies to streamline the business expansion in, and relocation to, their respective states.
  • 05.12.2016 - Tax Filing Season Comes To An End But Cybersecurity And Customer Service Are Still Top Priorities For IRS
    The 2016 tax filing season has closed with renewed emphasis on cybersecurity, tax-related identity theft and customer service. Despite nearly constant attack by cybercriminals, the IRS reported that taxpayer information remains secure. The agency also continued to intercept thousands of bogus returns and prevent the issuance of fraudulent refunds.
  • 05.10.2016 - Private Equity Update – 4/2016
    The increasing gap between small company and large company multiples is caused by the significant decline in the total number of “investable” companies. Investable companies are seen as having significant growth opportunities and are very attractive for private equity groups.
  • 05.10.2016 - Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board Decision Highlights the Drop Shipment Sales Tax Rule
    The Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board recently agreed with the Department of Revenue’s $525,024.17 sales tax assessment (for approximately a 3-year period) on an out-of-state wholesale distributor who shipped products to out-of-state third party retailers’ Massachusetts customers.
  • 05.06.2016 - Municipalities, Schools and Non-Profits Need To Protect Against Cyber Attacks
    It has become an increasingly common occurrence to see data breaches at large multi-national corporations that have put consumer’s personal information at risk. In recent years businesses such as Anthem, Sony and Target have all been thrown into crisis thanks to hackers breaking into their systems, gaining access to protected information and causing widespread panic.
  • 04.29.2016 - What are the responsibilities of individual non-profit board members?
    As members of non-profit organizations’ governing bodies, individual board members must adhere to the legal responsibilities of fiduciaries. As fiduciaries, non-profit board members have three specific legal duties:
  • 04.26.2016 - Ransomware - The New Pandemic
    What is ransomware? How can you mitigate risk? What do you do if infected by ransomware? Learn about all of the above in this compelling and information packed article.
  • 04.22.2016 - IRS Focuses on New Partnership Audit Rules
    Legislation enacted in 2015 provides new rules for IRS partnership audits. The new rules are a drastic departure from current rules and the IRS is hopeful that they will simplify the audit process and allow the IRS to conduct more partnership audits.

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