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  • 10.06.2015 - Webinar: Performing & Reporting Compilation & Review
    This course will provide practitioners a foundation and overview of the requirements and common procedures performed for review and compilation engagements.
  • 09.15.2015 - Webinar: Preparing & Reporting on OCBOA Financial Statements
    This course provides an overview of the common types of OCBOA financial statements and the differences between OCBOA and US GAAP. We will also cover the modifications needed to the auditors' report and accountants' report when reporting on financial statements prepared in accordance with OCBOA.
  • 06.03.2015 - Webinar: Financial Statement Disclosures
    This course will take a deeper dive into some of the more common complex areas and the related disclosures relevant to privately held companies.
  • 05.18.2015 - Webinar: Audits of Employee Benefit Plans
    This course provides the foundation for audits of employee benefit plans. It includes discussion related to audit procedures designed to test participant data, contributions, distributions, and loans.
  • 03.25.2015 - Intacct Webinar: Real-Time Financial Reporting and Visibility for Software Companies
    For every software company, meeting the demands of an increasingly complex business requires up to the minute and accurate information on revenue, expenses, cash flow, and profitability. But can your current financial system keep up? During this webinar, you'll learn how Intacct can deliver a financial system that's a single source of truth.
  • 03.19.2015 - Intacct Webinar - Outcome Measures: Metrics that Matter for Nonprofits
    After all of the great work your nonprofit does, how do you show it? How do you quickly and clearly validate, quantify, and report on the outcomes of your activities? Leading nonprofits are utilizing outcome measures to demonstrate success to donors and stakeholders. During this webinar, you'll learn why forward-thinking nonprofits are shifting focus to outcome measures in 2015—and using the Intacct cloud-based financial management solution to make it happen.
  • 03.12.2015 - Intacct Webinar: Secrets to Achieving World-Class Revenue Management in 2015
    Revenue management is complicated. For software companies or subscription-based businesses that bundle products and services with varying delivery schedules, keeping up with increasingly complex regulations can be a nightmare. Join this webinar and learn how Intacct's advanced revenue management capabilities can help you automate revenue allocation, defeat the complexities of tracking and managing VSOE and deferred revenue and gain a real-time view of revenue.
  • 03.11.2015 - Complimentary Webinar: Accounting and Auditing Update
    What accounting challenges will your organization face in 2015? BlumShapiro's complimentary webinar will keep you up-to-date on accounting and auditing changes taking effect. Our discussion will provide an overview of the current standard-setting environment and developments with private company standards as well as many emerging issues.
  • 12.15.2014 - Watch Our Webinar: Transfer Pricing for Companies with International Operations
    Does your company have international operations or are you contemplating expansion of your operations internationally? Watch our webinar to learn more about transfer pricing—the pricing arrangement for goods, services, intangibles and loans within a multinational enterprise, predominantly in relation to cross-border transactions.
  • 09.24.2014 - 2014 Accounting and Auditing Update Webinar
    Watch our informational webinar to get the latest on accounting and auditing changes taking effect. Our webinar will provide an overview of the current standard setting environment and developments with private company standards as well as many emerging issues
  • 07.02.2014 - View our Webinar: Insights Revealed on Functional Expense Reporting
    Functional Expense Reporting provides donors, funders and the general public, with meaningful information about the types of programs and activities carried out by an organization. Register for this complimentary webinar to get a behind-the-scenes look at Functional Expense Reporting, what it takes to do it well and how it helps position your organization for ongoing success.
  • 04.25.2014 - Webinar: A Guide for Setting Direction & Managing Change
    Get the on-demand Soundview Live webinar, A Guide for Setting Direction & Managing Change, and hear BlumShapiro Partner, James M. Kerr, provide a primer for how to set direction and manage change within the 21st century enterprise. Based on his latest book, The Executive Checklist (Palgrave, 2014), Kerr has organized this briefing into easily accessible checklists, each demystifying a key aspect of today's leadership challenge and outlining the steps necessary to revitalize today's businesses.

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