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CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center Helps Companies Compete

February 25, 2013

Elliot Ginsberg
President and Chief Executive Officer
Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology

As our region’s small- to mid-sized manufacturing companies increasingly perform on a worldwide scale, they will be faced with the need to improve their processes and increase production – all without interrupting their workflow. The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT), through its Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) in East Hartford, addresses this dilemma.  At the AMC, CCAT applies new machining technology techniques and optimization to help companies gain a competitive edge in today’s high-tech global market.

CT Center for Advanced TechnologyGlobal competition in manufacturing is driving companies to operate smarter, faster and more efficiently. Moreover, with customers ratcheting up their turnaround times in order to make delivery commitments, Connecticut’s manufacturing base – largely made up of small- to-mid-sized supply chain companies – can ill afford to take machines offline to explore ways to improve machining processes. In fact, in this economic climate, many companies seem to have become even more risk averse. Yet it’s the ability to research and find efficient ways to increase capacity that makes the difference between mere survival and growth in a global market.

At CCAT, we understand this need and collaborate with manufacturers to meet the ever-changing challenges they face.We sit down with our customers and their machine operators to learn about their current processes, customer requirements and operations strategy. Our AMC team works to investigate innovative ways to apply new software and techniques to accomplish the customer’s goals.

Through this research and applied development, work-in-process improvement, product testing and prototyping at the AMC, our customers have seen topline growth, enhanced their bottom-line savings and, most importantly, gained a competitive edge.

Mitigating the Risks of Optimization

The strategy to focus on enhancing operations and increasing productivity through boosting the output of existing assets is a growing trend. Process optimization and technology insertion protects companies from risking large capital outlays and makes them immediately more competitive.

The AMC provides a value-added approach that keeps production flowing. All work is done at our location while manufacturers need to continue to serve their customers. This partnership helps to mitigate financial risks.

The AMC comprises three application laboratories: Machining (MAL), Laser (LAL) and Modeling & Simulation (M&SL). Training and custom work is performed on 3- and 5-axis mill and mill/turn machines in the MAL, industrial lasers in the LAL, and advanced modeling and simulation work is conducted using custom software applications and scanning/metrology equipment in the M&SL.

To ensure that CCAT is the go-to resource and best practices partner for manufacturers, equipment in the AMC is frequently updated to offer customers the latest in advanced technology. Using the latest machining optimization techniques, CCAT is able to reduce run-times in milling, turning, roughing and other machining processes critical to improving productivity.  As a result, through our CNC Milling Optimization programs, some CCAT partners reported dramatically improved cycle times by more than 50%.

These improvements go straight to the bottom line.  In addition, our customers have reported that they can be more aggressive in bidding on new work because of the savings they gained through technology optimization at the AMC.

Implementing new machining technology is one step to aid manufacturers in today’s global competitive arena. Since keeping up with the latest advances is also critical to success, the AMC will be hosting a series of two-hour technology workshops this year to help manufacturers learn more about the latest manufacturing technology available. It’s a short investment in time to learn how CCAT can help companies build the bottom line.

Contact Bob Torrani at btorrani@ccat.usfor more information and personal tours of the AMC.


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