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Changes to PCUREG-01 Application for Connecticut Charitable Organizations

May 02, 2011

Recently, the Department of Consumer Protection Public Charities Unit changed the application process for charitable organizations registering under the Connecticut Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act.  Effective with charitable organization registrations due by March 31, 2011, an application to renew the registrations will be mailed directly to the organization prior to their registration expiring.

The new form is only to be utilized by charitable organizations that are already registered and reduces the prior four-page PCUREG-01 application to one page. An organization that has never been registered with Connecticut must file an initial application form, which can be downloaded from the Department of Consumer Protection website. Charitable organizations with fiscal years ending on or after October 31, 2010 will be the first to receive the simplified application. In addition to this, any charity that had a fiscal year end of June 30, 2010 and requested an extension to file their registration application should have received this new form. 

Due to the change in the application process, the responsibility for completing and renewing the registration now lies with the organization. Consistent with the old form, the organization is required to submit the annual financial report of the organization as well as information about the organization's personnel and purpose.   A copy of the Internal Revenue Service Form 990, Form 990-EZ or Form 990-PF, whichever is appropriate for the organization, for the most recently completed fiscal year must also be included with the application.  

If your organization has not received the renewal application, you should email with the name and registration number of the charity and they will email the new form to you. Once the application has been processed, the Department will mail a verification of registration to you. You can check the status of your registration at any time on the Department of Consumer Protection website at


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