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Why Recruitment is NOT Dying

March 19, 2013

Brittany Jennings, Business Development Manager, CFS
Kelsey Brooks, Staffing Manager, CFS

With the rise of social media and internet visibility, many have speculated that the need for recruiters has changed dramatically. There has been inference that, the recruiting industry, is losing business to LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs, which have recently been on the rise. We have established that it is indeed a candidate market at the present time; there are more job openings than there are qualified candidates. The use of LinkedIn, job boards, blogs and Facebook may add visibility to candidates in any role, but certainly cannot take the place of an experienced, qualified recruiter or staffing agency. As a whole, the internet has changed the way recruiting is done, but it is far from being labeled a dying industry.

Recruiting has been on the rise for a few years, with temporary recruiting expected to reach a six-year high in 2014. More and more, companies are turning to recruiters as the market’s demands increase. It has been reported that 40% of employers are planning to hire temporary workers this year, compared to 12% in 2009. One of the reasons this option has become so viable is because temporary workers provide an opportunity for companies to meet their labor demands, while also fitting within possible budgetary constraints. Utilizing this type of contingency based workforce actually gives the employers the opportunity to maintain a leaner organization.

While employers may post directly and receive numerous resumes and interview multiple candidates, they are often not finding the quality they desire, which is where recruiters come in. A recruiter’s skills, expertise and network can help to strengthen the candidate pool, and take the legwork out of the process so employers aren’t wasting valued time. There are many times we are asked to work on a position that has been open and actively recruited on by the company itself, but without any success.

The argument can be made that employers can source more candidates directly, due to the increased visibility of vacancies; however, quality of candidate is better than quantity of candidate. Job postings can easily generate 200-300 candidates for a position, but typically only a fraction of those candidates are actually qualified.

A recruiter can add great value. For example, many interview each candidate in great detail, thoroughly checking references and evaluating skills, so the client does not have to do so. What you see on the internet is not always 100% accurate, or the right fit for your organization. This screening process eliminates the uncertainty and headaches associated with the process of hiring. We spend countless hours finding the right individuals and explaining in detail the reason they would be a good fit.

Overall, the way a recruiter works is ever changing due to advances in technology and the use of social networks, just as is the case with many other industries. However, with the rise of the need for temporary staffing, employers still have a bit more difficulty when it comes to finding strong, qualified candidates for these positions, and are turning to recruiters for their recommendations.


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