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  • 11.24.2015 - New e-Book - 5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Quickbooks
    This e-book discusses the top 5 warning signs that your company may have already outgrown QuickBooks.
  • 11.23.2015 - Business Planning for Funding Your Start-Up: Marketing and Sales
    This is the 2nd installment of a 3-Part Series on how to build a compelling and investment-worthy business plan.
  • 11.17.2015 - Five Reasons Cloud Accounting is Becoming a Top Choice for CFOs
    While many aspects of traditional accounting remain the same, where this process is managed has changed drastically.
  • 11.16.2015 - Business Planning for Funding Your Start-Up: The Business Synopsis
    This 3-part series is intended to demystify the business planning process--making it easier for you to find the funding you need to achieve your dreams. In this installment, we will examine what goes into the Business Synopsis Section of the typical business plan.
  • 11.11.2015 - BlumShapiro's Jeans for Charity Program Supports Interval House!
    BlumShapiro recently presented a check for more than $4,000 to Interval House as a result of the firm's employee giving through its Jeans for Charity Program.
  • 11.09.2015 - How To Prepare Your Workspace for Super Productivity
    Anyone working in an office, whether virtual, at home or in a place of business, knows that their productivity is shaped by their surroundings. Their personal workspace is an important factor to their happiness and productivity.
  • 11.05.2015 - Cybersecurity: weighing the risks
    Read this overview of the varying approaches you may encounter when trying to determine how your organization assesses cybersecurity risks.
  • 11.03.2015 - BlumShapiro Selects Vanessa Rossitto to Lead Government Practice
    BlumShapiro, the largest New England-based regional business advisory firm, today announced that Vanessa E. Rossitto, CPA, has been selected to lead the firm’s Government Services Group.
  • 11.02.2015 - Doing Good Is Good For Business
    See why doing good is also good for business in this article by James M. Kerr featured in Inc.
  • 10.29.2015 - Half of CT Business Owners Will Reach Retirement Age by 2027
    West Hartford accounting and consulting firm BlumShapiro and the University of Connecticut have released the first installment of a report called, "The Baby Boomer Effect." It examines the state's business landscape and the impact an aging generation is having on Connecticut.
  • 10.28.2015 - CFOs – Tired of Doing Bookkeeping? Learn How to Become More Strategic
    For many years, CFOs were burdened with antiquated finance systems that had one core focus, closing the books and producing a set of historical financial statements for the month.
  • 10.27.2015 - BlumShapiro and UConn Release Report on Baby Boomer Impact in CT
    BlumShapiro, the largest regional business advisory firm based in New England, and the University of Connecticut (UConn) have released the first installment of a report called, “The Baby Boomer Effect,” which will examine the state’s business landscape and the impact an aging generation is having on Connecticut.
  • 10.26.2015 - Passive Resistance Exposed: Top 5 Tips for Cracking the Code
    When it comes to change, many people will say "yes" when they mean "no". This is a form of passive resistance that can kill a company's change initiatives right in their tracks. Here are 5 tips for identifying this behavior and improving your chances for success.
  • 10.22.2015 - BlumShapiro Joins CCA to Furnish Thanksgiving Baskets
    BlumShapiro, New England’s largest business advisory firm, has announced it will partner with Christian Community Action for the fourth year to provide Thanksgiving Day meals to more than 2,000 families and seniors in the city, according to a press release from BlumShapiro.
  • 10.22.2015 - BlumShapiro Accountant Selected for "Top 10 Rising Stars" Award
    The National Academy of Public Accounting Professionals (NAPAP) has selected David Fontes, CPA, of BlumShapiro in Providence as one of the 2015 "Top 10 Public Accounting Professional Rising Stars" in Rhode Island. The award is designed to recognize outstanding public accounting professionals who have been practicing for less than fifteen years.
  • 10.22.2015 - Connecticut Business Group Recommends Parity for C Corps, Passthroughs
    Connecticut's largest pro-business association is asking lawmakers to treat C corporations and passthrough entities the same when it comes to apportionment and sourcing rules. Representatives of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA) on October 13 told the panel studying Connecticut's overall state and local tax structure that the state's apportionment and sourcing rules differ depending on entity type.
  • 10.20.2015 - 4 Key Risks of Using Spreadsheets to Track Revenue Recognition
    For companies that sell physical goods, recognizing revenue on sales is very easy and straightforward. Depending on the shipping terms, once the product is shipped or received by the customer, the revenue and costs for those goods are recognized.
  • 10.19.2015 - A Leader's Prerogative: The Power of the Words "Yes" and "No"
    Discover the power of these two simple words and the influence that they can have in setting direction and managing change.
  • 10.15.2015 - BlumShapiro receives PBN Business Excellence Award!
    BlumShapiro was recently awarded the Providence Business News Excellence Award.
  • 10.13.2015 - BlumShapiro and CCA Partner in Thanksgiving Food Drive!
    BlumShapiro today announced it will partner with Christian Community Action (CCA) for the fourth consecutive year to provide Thanksgiving Day meals to more than 2,000 families and seniors in New Haven.
  • 10.12.2015 - 5 Leadership Secrets For The Newly Minted Manager
    These 5 simple management tips are often overlooked and underutilized, especially among those new to leadership positions.
  • 10.05.2015 - 5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Business
    The pressure to grow a business can become overwhelming. Keep it simple by using these 5 easy growth hacks.
  • 09.28.2015 - Employee Engagement 101: What to Do When a Juice Bar is Not an Option
    We all know what companies like Google, Pixar and Zappos are doing to engage their staff's commitment to the firm. Here are 5 ideas to consider if the installation of napping pods are not in the cards for your company.
  • 09.25.2015 - BlumShapiro Softball Showdown Raises $30K for Best Buddies R.I.
    BlumShapiro Softball Showdown, a slow-pitch softball tournament to benefit Best Buddies of Rhode Island was held at Lonsdale and Lime Acre Parks in Lincoln, RI. The event raised more than $30,000 for Best Buddies, a Pawtucket-based, non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating opportunities and friendships for children with developmental disabilities.
  • 09.24.2015 - BlumShapiro Announces Winners of American Manufacturing Hall of Fame!
    BlumShapiro, the largest regional accounting and business advisory firm based in New England, today announced the two winners of the American Manufacturing Hall of Fame Leadership Awards for 2015. The winners are two presidents of Bridgeport manufacturing businesses—Kris Lorch of Alloy Manufacturing in Bridgeport and Kathy Saint of Schwerdtle Stamp Co. Inc.
  • 09.23.2015 - 3 Things That the Most Successful American Businesses Have In Common
  • 09.22.2015 - BlumShapiro Announces A New Managing Partner
    BlumShapiro announced that its partnership has elected Joseph A. Kask as its firm’s Managing Partner effective January 1, 2016.
  • 09.22.2015 - BlumShapiro Picks New Managing Partner
    BlumShapiro has chosen Joseph Kask as the Connecticut-based accounting firm’s next managing partner, effective Jan. 1, 2016. Kask will succeed Carl Johnson, who has served as managing partner of the firm for the past 14 years.
  • 09.22.2015 - Providence Business News: BlumShapiro Names New Managing Partner
    Joseph Kask has been elected by the partners of BlumShapiro as the firm’s new managing partner, effective Jan. 1. Kask will succeed Carl Johnson, who has served as managing partner for the past 14 years. Johnson will become chief operating officer, focusing on internal operations and talent acquisition.
  • 09.21.2015 - 3 Things That the Most Successful American Businesses Have In Common
    What makes perennial powerhouses like Apple, Zappos and Google so successful? You'll be surprised at the 3 characteristics that they all have in common.
  • 09.18.2015 - Survey: Connecticut businesses notch best year since 2006
    BlumShapiro a New England accounting, tax and business consulting firm with a Shelton office — and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association have again joined forces and released their 14th annual survey of Connecticut businesses.
  • 09.14.2015 - BlumShapiro Hosting Softball Tournament to Benefit Best Buddies RI
    The BlumShapiro Softball Showdown will be a slow-pitch softball tournament in Lincoln. The tournament will pit more than a dozen teams representing a wide range of local businesses against one another – all to raise funds for Best Buddies of Rhode Island, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • 09.14.2015 - Failure in Leadership: What We Can Learn from the NFL’s Debacle
    Here are 5 leadership lessons in what not to do when you're in charge of a major organization.
  • 09.11.2015 - BlumShapiro/CBIA Release Annual Survey on Connecticut Businesses
    BlumShapiro and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) today released their 14th annual survey of Connecticut businesses. The 2015 Survey of Connecticut Businesses shows that the state continues to see increased growth, and a large number of companies remain profitable.
  • 09.08.2015 - 10 Super Simple Hacks for Climbing the Corporate Ladder
    These easy to use tips can help you to advance your career, while gaining more knowledge, experience and political clout within your organization.
  • 09.01.2015 - BlumShapiro Makes Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies
    BlumShapiro, the largest regional New England-based business advisory firm, has been named one of the fastest growing private U.S companies by Inc. magazine in the publication’s 2015 Inc. 5000.
  • 08.31.2015 - Beware of Change Fatigue: The New "Fog of War" for Today's Businesses
    Constant change can lead to confusion and emotional overload for many business professionals. Here are 5 tips to ease the stress that continuous change can bring.
  • 08.26.2015 - Carl Johnson interviewed with Al Terzi on Fox CT's The Real Story!
  • 08.24.2015 - 5 Characteristics That Suggest You Could Be a Poser
    Not sure that you're a poser? Here are 5 characteristics that all posers share and some advice on what you can do to avoid becoming one.
  • 08.17.2015 - 10 Ways to Let Your Team Know That You Love Them
    It is said that the most successful and enduring teams truly care for one another. Here are 10 tips for establishing a work environment where each member can feel the "love".
  • 08.14.2015 - Carl Johnson recently interview by Jim Blasingame!
    Carl Johnson joins Jim Blasingame to report on a new international study that shows 80% of family-owned businesses in the U. S. are not ready for succession to the next owner.
  • 08.11.2015 - BlumShapiro one of INSIDE Public Accounting’s Top National 100 Firms
    BlumShapiro, the largest New England-based business advisory firm,today announced it has again been selected as one of the largest public accounting firms in the United States by INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA), increasing its placement on the list from #56 to #53.
  • 08.10.2015 - Leader or Manager? These 10 Important Distinctions Can Help You Out
    There's a difference between leadership and management. Understanding these 10 key differences can improve your abilities to lead and to manage.
  • 08.03.2015 - The Leadership Checklist: 10 Principles That Make Leading Easier
    Here are 10 ideas that today's busy leaders can embrace to enhance their ability to set direction and manage change.
  • 07.27.2015 - 7 Secrets to Building Customer Relationships That Will Last for Life
    Creating customer relationships that last a lifetime is the ultimate goal of every business. Here are 7 "must haves" to keep them coming back for more.
  • 07.22.2015 - Top 10 Excuses for Not Hiring a Management Consultant
    The most successful businesses routinely seek the counsel of management consultants. Yet, so many leaders refuse to use them. Here are the 10 most common excuses used and reasons for why those excuses may come back to haunt you and your business.
  • 07.22.2015 - BlumShapiro Announces Rebranding of Consulting Services
    BlumShapiro, the largest New England-based business advisory firm, today announced the rebranding of its consulting services business into BlumShapiro Consulting, with office locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This initiative enhances BlumShapiro’s ability to bring integrated business solutions to all of its clients.
  • 07.20.2015 - Baker Tilly Finds Family Businesses Not Succession-Ready
    NEW YORK – Research conducted by Baker Tilly International, a global network of independent accounting and business advisory firms, found that four out of five US family business owners are not succession-ready. According to the study, Succession Reset: Family Business Succession in the 21st Century, key challenges faced by family business owners include being ready for transition or market sale, and ensuring that the business has the financial capacity to support both retirement and the next generation.
  • 07.20.2015 - BlumShapiro Study Shows Need for Family Business Succession Planning
    A new study conducted by BlumShapiro and Baker Tilly International shows that the time for family owned businesses to start planning for succession is now, though nearly 80% are not prepared for what happens when current management steps down.
  • 07.13.2015 - Hire Ambition: Because You Can't Teach Desire
    When it comes to ambition, most people fall somewhere in the middle of the Bell Curve. If you want a team of super achievers, hire for ambition.
  • 07.10.2015 - IT/Strategy Alignment Checklist: 2. Know What You Have
    An IT baseline inventory organized by workplace, information, application and technology map technology to a company’s strategic vision. With a better understanding of where technology fits within the strategic vision, it is wise to create a baseline inventory of the organization’s existing IT architecture. A baseline audit of the computing environment is needed in order to assess how well the enterprise is technologically positioned to support its plans for the future.
  • 07.08.2015 - BlumShapiro Partner, Mark Campbell, Elected Board President of ACG CT
    Mark Campbell, BlumShapiro Shelton Office Partner, has been elected President of the Board of Directors of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), Connecticut Chapter. Campbell’s term as Board President runs from June 2015-June 2017.
  • 07.08.2015 - 7 Ways to Reenergize a Tired Organization
    Change is never easy. People like routines and rituals. But when your business starts to suffer because your team has become complacent, it's time to switch things up.
  • 06.30.2015 - A Yoga Meditation for the Busy Leader
    It's no secret, we need to be fit to be at our best. It leads to better thinking, improves our ability to manage stress, and enhances our confidence. Unfortunately, as leaders, our personal fitness can be the first thing to go as the challenges of running the business overwhelm and consume our every moment. Don't let it happen to you.
  • 06.23.2015 - Can a Coin Help to Rebuild Employee Engagement?
    Anyone that has been paying attention lately knows that the Big Recession has done a number on employee morale and the concept of “team” has all but disappeared from the corporate vocabulary. Ill-judged survival tactics like job slashing, reduced work hours and unpaid furlough programs have taken the wind out of the sails of many employee engagement programs once aimed at improving staff satisfaction and drive. By definition, winning teams share a common spirit of solidarity, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause. So, do we need to design and implement sophisticated strategies to accommodate these concepts in order to regenerate a sense of team in our firms? No, a much simpler approach can be even more effective.
  • 06.18.2015 - 5 Tips for Creating a Transparent Communications Culture
    Trust provides strength against adversity for a business. People just seem to pull together when they trust one another. Problems are addressed head-on--with no excuses made or expected. Work becomes play in high trust companies. It is fun to see what can be accomplished when everyone works together to achieve a common goal. Trust-building begins with honest and transparent communication. Business leaders need to integrate transparent communications into their businesses. Here are 5 tips for establishing a transparent communications culture within your business.
  • 06.17.2015 - BlumShapiro Makes Philanthropy Part of Employee Work-Life Balance
    If you're looking for a BlumShapiro employee, they might be in the office, where the firm's specialists provide tax and business consulting to their varied clients. It's just as likely, however, you will find them running to raise funds, collecting food donations, helping to build a home for someone in need, or volunteering to teach a class in a local school. That is the work-life balance of a BlumShapiro staffer.
  • 06.16.2015 - Jeff Ziplow Discusses Data Security with WTIC 1080’s Ray Dunaway
    Listen to BlumShapiro Partner Jeff Ziplow on The Ray Dunaway Show discuss the importance of data security for businesses and what your responsibilities are as a business. Learn about different types of encryption, secure data storage and how to prevent identity theft.
  • 06.10.2015 - How to "Rethink" Work Without Boundaries
    We are in a day when traditional workflow is being re-imagined. The key to rebuilding the way work is done rests on defining business processes that know no organizational boundaries, and on preparing staff to "do whatever it takes" to get the job done.
  • 06.04.2015 - BlumShapiro Selected 2015 Business Champion for Community Involvement
    BlumShapiro has been selected to receive a 2015 Business Champions Award for its work in community involvement. The annual Business Champions Awards, produced in partnership by the MetroHartford Alliance and Hartford Business Journal, celebrates the achievements of the greater Hartford region’s privately held companies in several areas.
  • 06.01.2015 - The Business Case for Building a Cross-Cultural Workforce
    Today's global marketplace enables business leaders to design a workforce comprised of staff members from all sorts of ethnic, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds which forms a broad and bright mosaic that is good for your business. Creating a Cross-Cultural Workforce is about leveraging the differences that exist among personnel as a means of gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • 05.27.2015 - Manage Data Like An Asset to Reap The Benefits of Your Information
    Your business is stocked full of data. You have data about staff, customers, products, prices and company finances to name just a few subject areas of the data that you track. Importantly, this data can be churned into information which can be leveraged for competitive gain. A business should view its data as an asset which should be subject to the same management discipline and control as other assets like cash, inventory and physical plant.
  • 05.22.2015 - 2nd Annual JA Career Walk
    Junior Achievement of Southwest New England and BlumShapiro co-hosted the second annual JA Career Walk in West Hartford Center for West Hartford’s Hall High and Conard High school students. The program seeks to prepare students for the world of work and gain a better understanding of jobs in their community. Nearly 30 students visited a variety of businesses – accounting, banking, finance, marketing, retail, food and beverage and others in West Hartford Center on May 6, 2015.
  • 05.18.2015 - Break Down the Silos for Sustainable Business Performance
    As businesses grow they tend to build organizational structures in support of the larger staff sizes and role specialization that comes with growth. Unfortunately, with more complex organizational designs come governance models that tend to disperse responsibilities along organizational boundaries. It is this bifurcation of responsibilities that creates a "Silo Effect" that serves to separate, rather than integrate, the core functions that comprise the business.
  • 05.11.2015 - 5 Reasons Golfing is Good For Your Business
    Golf can be one of the most challenging and frustrating games that you will ever play. Unlike other sports, your opponents are not trying to hit, tackle or throw one by you. No, in golf, you're playing against the course and the conditions. Sure, the goal is to get the lowest score. But, how well you do is all about you. Your playing partners can't do anything to defeat you--your winning or losing is determined by how well you play. Like in business, your fate is in your hands.
  • 05.07.2015 - High School Students Get Small Business Perspective From Professionals
    Thirty students from Conard and Hall High Schools in West Hartford spent their Wednesday learning outside the classroom. They all took part in the 2nd annual Career Walk, which gives students a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to run a business. They were able to talk to business owners, ranging from finance to retail.
  • 05.04.2015 - 2020 Mentorship and the Generational Divide
    Mentors play pivotal roles in a young person's professional development. They guide and share the business life lessons on which a successful career is based. However, it's up to the next generation of worker to seek out the mentors that they need to get ahead.
  • 04.29.2015 - Andrew Bostian Discusses the Value of Business in Divorce Proceedings
    Consulting group manager, Andrew Bostian, recently appeared on Massachusetts Attny. Irwin Pollack’s radio show “Talking About Divorce” to discuss the business evaluation and appraisal processes.
  • 04.29.2015 - Who You Gonna Call At Tax Season? BlumShapiro!
    Jake Lynch shares some tax tips with MassRealty as BlumShapiro is recognized as the largest accounting, tax and business consulting firm in New England.
  • 04.28.2015 - Opening the Johari Window
    Everybody has blind spots and opportunities for growth and learning. The Johari Window is a tool for improving self-awareness that can help an individual recognize their short-comings and discover hidden capabilities. When used within the setting of a work team, the technique can drive change and improve performance by helping members learn about themselves and their teammates.
  • 04.28.2015 - 5 Things Your Information Technology Staff Won't Tell You
    Most businesses owners have come to recognize the use of Information Technology as a competitive requirement. But, do you know what your IT Department really thinks about the work that they do? Here's a "behind the curtain view" of their work and 5 things that they won't tell you.
  • 04.27.2015 - WH Students Learn About the Real World of Work in JA Career Walk
    Junior Achievement of Southwest New England and BlumShapiro announced they will co-host the second annual JA Career Walk in West Hartford Center for West Hartford’s Hall High and Conard High school students on May 6th. The program seeks to prepare students for the world of work and gain a better understanding of jobs in their community.
  • 04.21.2015 - 12 Books From Which to Build A DIY MBA for the 2020 Leader
    Not sure you have the time or inclination to earn an MBA at the moment? Read these 12 business books instead, and establish a solid foundation for a lifetime of business learning.
  • 04.21.2015 - BlumShapiro's Andrew Lattimer Talks Tax Tips with NBC CT's Amanda Raus
    BlumShapiro Partner, Andrew Lattimer, chatted with NBC Connecticut's Amanda Raus about helpful ways to maximize your tax refund.
  • 04.20.2015 - BlumShapiro 5K-Run, Walk, Eat, Play..and Raise Money for a Great Cause
    BlumShapiro invites runners, walkers, children, families and its civic minded neighbors to join them at the annual BlumShapiro 5K for Camp Courant at the Travelers Championship, May 2, from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. at the TPC River Highlands in Cromwell.
  • 04.20.2015 - 8 Business Trends to Master for 2020
    The best leaders can anticipate the future by recognizing the most important business shifts before these early stage changes become widely recognized trends by everyone else. These leaders are said to be visionary. Their businesses create new products and services and establish new markets and industries--think Ford, Branson and Jobs. If you want to be one of those leaders, here are eight early stage business developments that will likely mature over the next few years and serve to re-shape 2020 businesses. The way that you choose to respond to these could, very well, separate your company from the rest.
  • 04.13.2015 - Economic Opportunities and The City of the Future
    The backbone of any effort to transform a city into a City of the Future is economic development. Without it, civic leaders will lack the resources to fund all of the work that is needed to re-imagine their communities. Long-term economic development is built upon three key elements: brand, asset leverage and transportation. Without determining these upfront, any economic development is likely to be haphazard and opportunistic.
  • 04.10.2015 - Education and The City of the Future
    Education needs to change. The job market is competitive and in many sectors there continues to be a shortage of high-skilled applicants in the candidate pool. Cities nationwide are now charged to prepare their students for this 21st century economy. To do this, advanced technology must to be adopted;, learning must to expand beyond the doors of the classroom and teaching must evolve to meet the needs of each and every student through individualized learning programs. Finding and implementing the right tools, creating innovative programs and preparing young people for an increasingly competitive tomorrow is something that needs to start today. Here’s how city and school leaders can begin this transformation.
  • 04.07.2015 - John Zinno Honored for Community Service by Saint Mary School
    BlumShapiro announced that Office Managing Partner, Shelton, CT office, John Zinno, will receive the 2015 Reverend John P. Blanchfield Community Service Award from Saint Mary School of Waterbury. The award is presented annually to an individual who embodies the school’s philosophy of Christian scholarship and community service.
  • 04.07.2015 - An Executive Checklist for the Year 2020
    Here is an Executive Checklist to help lead your organization into the future. Think of each item as an overarching principle that needs to be adopted in order to reshape your business into one that can continue to flourish in 2020 and beyond.
  • 04.07.2015 - Keep Connecticut Businesses In Mind During Budget Debate
    Gov. Daniel Malloy’s recent $40 billion biennial budget proposal for the State of Connecticut contained some reasons for optimism for many in Connecticut.
  • 04.07.2015 - Sustainable Energy and The City of the Future
    The vision of a sustainable energy model that contributes to the “greening” of the world, secures a better future for our children and contributes to an overall cost reduction, is not one to be taken lightly. This comprehensive course of action should lay the foundation to rebuilding a model of sustainable energy in your City of the Future.
  • 04.03.2015 - Regionalization and The City of the Future
    The search for cost-cutting measures to help balance budgets is an ever-present reality for almost every municipality and city government. In many, contributions from central government continue to lag behind levels from earlier this decade while employee compensation, along with healthcare costs, continue their inevitable upward climb. To further exacerbate the problem (as if this isn’t enough), higher levels of disclosure about unfunded liabilities for pensions and retiree healthcare benefits place additional pressure on budgets. These issues only underline the hard truth that every municipality has only so much to spend.
  • 04.02.2015 - The Ultimate, Indisputable Secret to Success
    Do you want to be successful in your new job or business endeavor? Forget about kissing up to the boss or driving yourself frantic over reeling in the biggest fish that the firm has ever seen. Instead, show some passion for what you're doing! It's really that simple.
  • 04.02.2015 - Shared Services and The City of the Future
    The business of local government is changing and citizens are demanding more out of their local administrations. Town and City governments continue to struggle to find ways to meet these needs, often with smaller budgets and fewer resources. Municipalities must look within themselves for opportunities to share, partner, and collaborate to better meet citizen needs and make progress toward the future.
  • 04.01.2015 - Service Delivery and The City of the Future
    As society continuously progresses and local governments evolve, citizen expectations are changing. Citizens are now demanding effective service delivery from their municipalities. For your city to meet this demand and exceed citizen expectations, you need to continuously innovate based on the needs of your citizens. Innovative service delivery is about reimagining the service delivery through the eyes of the citizens and providing services that effectively meet the unique needs of your community.
  • 03.31.2015 - The Travelers Championship Announces Plans for the BlumShapiro 5K
    Registration is open for the BlumShapiro 5K for Camp Courant at the Travelers Championship. The premier kickoff event for the 2015 Travelers Championship will take place on Saturday, May 2, at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, Conn. Individuals and groups are encouraged to run, walk and donate to benefit Hartford’s Camp Courant, the largest FREE day camp in the nation.
  • 03.27.2015 - Public Safety and The City of the Future
    What separates a City of the Future from other cities is that it goes beyond just providing basic police, fire, and emergency medical services. It incorporates advanced technology, predictive analytics, regionalization, and other emerging public safety trends into a progressive program that serves the local community, while possessing the capability to be extended into neighboring municipalities, as appropriate. Of course, this broad vision for a safer tomorrow will require the successful completion of a series of initiatives in order to be fully realized. This article provides a few important guidelines that are intended to help city leaders initiate their public safety transformation efforts.
  • 03.27.2015 - David Fionda Talks Cloud Accounting on Radio Entrepreneurs
    Consulting group business developer David Fionda appeared on Radio Entrepreneurs, a Boston-based radio show for entrepreneurs and business leaders, to discuss cloud accounting and other services provided by the BlumShapiro Consulting group.
  • 03.26.2015 - BlumShapiro Repeats in Accounting Today’s 2015 Top 100 Firms in Nation
    BlumShapiro has been selected again for Accounting Today’s 2015 Top 100 Firms. The publication’s annual survey, currently published in its March issue, is based on total revenues, total employees and management advisory services or consulting.
  • 03.25.2015 - State-of-the-Art Public Access and The City of the Future
    We live in a world where immediate and easy access to information is a standard expectation. Citizens of your city have similar expectations for accessing city’s municipal services. Citizens expect municipal services to be easy to understand and accessible from anywhere using any device. Once you have a defined service delivery model in your city, the steps in this article will guide you to develop a state of the art public access to municipal services that exceeds your citizens’ expectations.
  • 03.24.2015 - Transparency and the City of the Future
    As technologies enhance and citizen expectations change, our cities are charged with evolving the way they do business. Citizens are becoming more active participants in city management, and they desire more information and progress reports regarding how their city operates. Increased connectivity, real-time analytics, and value chain collaboration are major concepts that have influenced this new way of operating. All are concepts that should be applied to your city to help revolutionize its culture by increasing transparency.
  • 03.20.2015 - BBJ: Carl Johnson Appointed Chairman of Baker Tilly Regional Council
    BlumShapiro Managing Partner Carl Johnson has been appointed chairman of the North American Regional Advisory Council of Baker Tilly International, one of the world's leading networks of independently owned and managed accountancy and business advisory firms.
  • 03.19.2015 - Podcast Interview With Carl Johnson - Are You A Boss, Or A Leader?
    Listen to Carl Johnson's interview with Andrew Argue at The Bean Counter to hear about his great story of rising from a staff, to COO, then in 2002 to managing partner at BlumShapiro. Carl shares reasons for the firm's growth and how he manages his team.
  • 03.17.2015 - BlumShapiro Partner Appointed to Baker Tilly Board
    BlumShapiro announced last week its managing partner Carl Johnson has been appointed to a regional advisory board of Baker Tilly International. Baker Tilly International is a membership group comprising 154 member firms that provides accounting, assurance, tax and specialist business advice to clients in 133 countries.
  • 03.16.2015 - 3 Simple Marketing Strategies That Will Give You an Edge
    There are three ways to compete--product, service, and price. That's it! The rest is about execution. Sure, there are all kinds of other details to be worked out to craft a killer strategy. Decisions related to marketing, distribution, operating models, physical location, and the like are all essential considerations. But the choices made in those areas only serve to further inform your product, service, and pricing strategies. Indeed, these three strategic elements are the only levers needed to drive a winning strategy. Let's explore how they work.
  • 03.11.2015 - Carl Johnson Appointed Chairman with Baker Tilly International
    BlumShapiro announced today that Firm Managing Partner Carl Johnson has been appointed Chairman of the North American Regional Advisory Council of Baker Tilly International, one of the world’s leading networks of independently owned and managed accountancy and business advisory firms.
  • 03.10.2015 - The Executive Checklist: 10 Ways to Radically Transform Your Business
    To be successful in today's extremely complex and unsteady business world, entrepreneurs must do all that they can to simplify. Checklists make every aspect of life easier. So, an executive checklist is in order. Here are ten quotes from James Kerr's most recent book, "The Executive Checklist: A Guide for Setting Direction and Managing Change", on the subject.
  • 03.10.2015 - 6 Leadership Lessons Learned While Riding My Motorcycle
    Leadership, like motorcycle riding, comes with inherent risks. Here are 6 tips to make your ride a little easier.
  • 03.03.2015 - Ann Marie Fillion Featured in Providence Business News
    BlumShapiro principal, Ann Marie Fillion, gets full page press in the Providence Business News. PBN makes note on how Ann Marie has thrived in the industry in part because of a desire to help smaller businesses and nonprofits alike.
  • 02.27.2015 - Leading the Richard Branson Way
    Most of us know that Richard Branson co-founded Virgin Records in 1972 and through great vision, hard work and dedication, he transformed it into the huge, worldwide powerhouse known today as the Virgin Group. Its more than 400 companies provide lifestyle, media, money, music, environmental and travel-related products and services that delight and inspire. Because of this, Branson is widely recognized as a perceptive and inspirational leader that consistently "walked the talk" and took the responsibility for leading his company through all of its ups and downs.
  • 02.19.2015 - How to Optimize Your Accounts Payable Strategy
    In these challenging economic times, it is wise to reexamine even the most mundane activities that are routinely performed in your business to identify opportunities for improvement. Let's look at something as basic as Accounts Payable and determine whether a strategy is needed to leverage this activity.
  • 02.13.2015 - TV Interview With Pat Connolly re: fraudulent tax filings
    After a rise in tax filings being submitted using personal information acquired fraudulently during a variety of retail security breaches, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue announced on February 6 that it would review approximately 160,000 state tax returns before they are released to taxpayers. Quincy tax partner Pat Connolly shares his thoughts on the situation with WCVB’s Channel 5 reporter John Atwater.
  • 02.09.2015 - Win Big With Integrated Performance Management
    Would a dressmaker take a bride’s measurements after her wedding dress is already made? Of course not! Those critical dimensions are always gathered before the sewing begins. So why do so many businesses insist on measuring staff performance after the work is done? It would seem that a better approach would be to track performance as work is executed, so that there is ample time to make mid-course adjustments and provide the coaching and guidance needed to improve business outcomes.
  • 02.09.2015 - A Better Way to Measure Employee Success
    Today's Performance Measurement Systems often track the wrong things and serve to distract, rather than inform. Here are some ideas to refocus them so to be aligned with an organization's strategic direction.
  • 01.27.2015 - How Bill Belichick's 'Do Your Job' Mantra Applies to Leadership
    Even though much of NFL football fandom is still reveling at "Deflatgate," the accusation that the New England Patriots purposely under-inflated footballs in last week's game in order to score an advantage over their hapless opponents, the Indianapolis Colts, the Patriots are still an incredible football team. Undoubtedly, some of the credit for the team's success is due to its head coach, Bill Belichick. Regardless of what you may think of him, Belichick's "Do your job!" philosophy is worth learning more about because of what it can offer to leaders who are trying to establish a winning culture.
  • 01.27.2015 - CPA Assesses Economy’s Strengths, Weaknesses
    Looking ahead at 2015, Fairfield County businesses have a reason to continue to be cautiously optimistic. There are concrete signs that the progress made in 2014 seems poised to continue. This is borne out by the results of a statewide business survey late last year as well as information we have received from clients. More businesses are growing, fewer are contracting, investments are being made in technology and hiring is on the rise.
  • 01.27.2015 - Tim Barry Promoted to Partner at BlumShapiro
    BlumShapiro is proud to announce the promotion of Tim Barry to partner.
  • 01.22.2015 - Learn How to Reshape Your Business Strategies Through Technology
    Unquestionably, there is a fear among executive leadership of being unable to grasp seemingly sophisticated information technology topics. However, leaving it only to the IT professionals to figure out is just shirking your responsibility. Here are 5 top IT trends that you need to know.
  • 01.16.2015 - BlumShapiro Announces New Partner Nikoleta D. McTigue, CPA, MSA
    BlumShapiro, the largest regional accounting and business consulting firm based in New England with offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, has announced the election of a new partner, Nikoleta D. McTigue, CPA, MSA.
  • 01.14.2015 - The Three Words That Will Devastate Your Business
    The three words, "Not my job!", will wreak havoc within any business that allows the phrase to germinate. It is the antithesis of all that can be good in your business. The phrase implies a lack of pride in the company and translates into little accountability for the work at hand. If staff members are allowed to behave in a fashion that is consistent with this idiom, then the business will become a trash heap in no time--both literally and figuratively.
  • 01.14.2015 - Press Release: ‘BlumShapiro Challenge’ Raises More Than $5,000
    BlumShapiro helped raise more than $5,000 for the Amos House Financial Opportunities Center at the end of 2014. The Financial Opportunities Center helps educate Amos House clients on valuable skills related to – among other areas – financial literacy, savings strategy and retirement planning. The Center will use the donations to fund classes and create savings incentives.
  • 01.12.2015 - Mayor of Danbury Envisions the City of the Future
    The city of the future might have sensors perched like birds on every street corner to dim the lights when no one is around and send out alerts when a parking spot opens or a garbage can is full. Learn more about how the City of Danbury sees their City of the Future.
  • 01.08.2015 - 12 Differences Between Winning and Losing Leadership
    Great leaders drive great organizations and great organizations produce great results. On the other hand, less than stellar results are typically produced by organizations with less than stellar leadership, begging the question, “What are the differences between winning and losing leadership styles and traits?”
  • 01.07.2015 - 6 Keen Steps to Engage Our Gen Y Problem Children
    From an early age, they were told that they were the best, awarded trophies for just for showing up, and developed a false confidence that begets their frustration and doubt as they enter the workforce. Here's how to engage them.
  • 01.06.2015 - BlumShapiro Announces Merger with Schneider, Schneider & Associates
    BlumShapiro, the largest New England-based regional accounting, tax and business consulting firm - today announced a merger with Schneider, Schneider & Associates, P.C., located in Braintree, MA. The merger, which became official on January 1, 2015, greatly expands and strengthens the company’s position as the leading firm in the region.
  • 01.05.2015 - 12 Aspirations for Taking On 2015
    Jim Kerr shares twelve holiday wishes for those that lead, serve or work on a team.

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