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Construction Claims and School Construction

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Construction Claims and School Construction

At blum, we’re committed to helping colleges, universities, developers, private companies and organizations on new construction initiatives. We collaborate with finance, facility and internal audit executives on construction cost reviews. This assistance can lead to enhanced controls and further protection of the bottom line on multi-million dollar projects. We get involved early to review contract documents and identify potential issues—so we can recommend adequate processes, procedures and controls that lead to cost savings.

You want to be sure the cost of a project accurately reflects the work being conducted as dictated by the terms of your construction contract. Insufficient plans and over-optimistic schedules can significantly impact the entire project. blum is committed to your success and satisfaction, which is why we focus on transparency and accountability to ensure that construction costs are commensurate with the terms and conditions of underlying contracts.

Specific Construction Cost Review Services

blum’s dynamic team of experts has spent years managing both the financial and technical aspects of major capital projects and programs, giving them the experience to do what’s necessary, and the confidence to do what counts.

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