Food & Beverage Industry COVID-19 Resources

Our Food & Beverage services group has compiled articles and resources to help businesses find the needed information to assist them in navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

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Food & Beverage Industry COVID-19 Resources

Our Food & Beverage services group has compiled articles and resources to help businesses find the needed information to assist them in navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

Along with other businesses, those in the Food & Beverage Industry have been thrust into the great unknown amid the extraordinary amount of disruption caused by the global outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease. To assist in navigating these turbulent times, our team of food & beverage services experts have created and compiled several resources to help you tackle these challenges while continuing to meet the needs of your customers.

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Trending Food and Beverage Articles

How U.S. Manufacturing Companies Are Reassessing China
Survey finds business plans are being rewritten, many plan to leave China in the wake of coronavirus. read on

How robots help processors navigate the COVID-19 pandemic
Whether team members are out sick with coronavirus or your plant needs some help with social distancing, robots can pick up the slack. read on

CPG Spending Up Nearly 10% in Mid-Pandemic
Staying at home and moreover cooking at home are driving increased demand for consumer packaged goods (CPG). The industry experienced 9.9 percent year-over-year growth during May of 2020, compared to May 2019, according to a new economic indicator released July 21 by the Consumer Brands Assn. (CBA). … read on 

Pandemic is changing layout and design of food plants
The COVID-19 pandemic is shaping the food plant of the future. Processors and builders trying to slow the spread of COVID-19 and prepare for future potential contagions are rethinking many aspects of plant design —from fixing bottlenecks at entrances to possibly adding warehouse space or portable packaging equipment to handle huge demand spikes or drops … read on

Report Identifies “hotspot countries” heading for COVID-19 food crises
FAO and WFP have collaborated on an analysis of countries which could be part of the “worst food crisis in generations”. read on

The Coronavirus Pandemic’s Silver Lining for Food and Beverage
As first-quarter financial results trickled in, several of the biggest public companies recorded stellar first quarters as a result of increased demand for their products. Doing especially well are those specializing in pantry staples and comfort foods … read on

Navigating COVID-19-related HR Challenges in the Food Industry
To say COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the food industry would be an understatement. As organizations of all sizes navigate either increased demand or dramatic decline, business leaders are doing their best to maintain normalcy and plan quicker than ever before. While changes seem to be taking place daily, one thing that remains the same is the importance of managing and supporting your people through compassion, compliance and accountability. Our HR Consulting professionals answered some of the many questions food industry leaders are asking about how to reinforce those key principles, and other important HR issues, during the global pandemic … read on

Global Food & Beverages Industry and the Effects of COVID-19 – Analysis of Regional Regulations and Other Government Policies
The primary factors for the growth of the food & beverages industry before COVID-19 pandemic includes the rise in the number of on the go consumers and increased adoption of ready to eat food. Further, steadily increasing population and per capital income and changing lifestyle were other growth-enhancing factors of the food & beverages industry. However, the key factors that affect the food & beverage industry after the pandemic include the shutdowns of the restaurants and other seating areas … read on

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Food Processing
How do you feed a sick nation? That’s the question facing the American food processing industry, and its partners along the supply chain, during what is turning out to be an unprecedented national trauma. The “coronacrisis” is threatening disruptions to the labor pool, the supply chain and the entire U.S. economy on a scale that has rarely been seen – and, as of press time, there is no certainty when or where it will stop …  read on

Food Manufacturing in the time of COVID-19
With the rapid spread of COVID-19, the global food system has been pulled into new and uncertain territory. New recommendations for personal and public safety, the global nature of the pandemic, and resulting shifts in consumer behavior have all contributed to this uncertainty. This episode of Food Disruptors is one of several that will explore the immediate and lasting effects that COVID-19 may have on the food industry. Today, we’re going to speak with experts in food manufacturing and food safety … read on

Breaking Boundaries to Avoid a Food System Crisis
Humanity is facing a daunting challenge that, if not addressed now, will rise to epic proportions. The challenge: Ensure food security while volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) challenges arise at a faster rate than ever expected. If we continue down the same path that we’re operating on today, a food system crisis will cripple our ability to feed Earth’s estimated 10 billion people by 2050 … read on

COVID-19 and the Food Industry: What We Know
COVID-19, the disease spread by the novel coronavirus SARS-nCoV-2, has quickly spread to six continents and caused a public health emergency in more than 30 countries …read on

COVID-19’s Effect on Supply Chains
Seemingly overnight, the world has been consumed by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Since showing up on the world stage in November 2019 within the Wuhan area of China, the virus has …read on

Worker Safety Issues During the Coronavirus Pandemic
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic offers no threat to the safety of ingredients or finished food and beverage products, as it is a fragile virus that can’t stand up to cooking … read on

Food companies are hiring
Many food service, retail, and manufacturing companies across the U.S. are on hiring sprees and encouraging the unemployed from other industries to apply to help them keep up with demand amid coronavirus. Companies include Dollar General, Publix, 7-Eleven, and PepsiCo … read on

Food manufacturing will stay healthy during coronavirus, trade groups say
The CPG manufacturing industry is ready and able to keep working in the pandemic, heads of trade associations told Food Dive. Food and beverage manufacturing, delivery and retail is always rolling, regardless of what’s going on in the wider world. And the coronavirus threat isn’t impacting that aspect…read on

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