5 HR Takeaways From EBS’ 3rd Annual Gillette Event: Reimagining Diversity & Inclusion

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An enthralling and thoughtful discussion took place last Thursday at EBS’ third annual Gillette event where 100+ HR, people and talent leaders gathered to engage in a conversation that ultimately challenged us to ask ourselves, how are we defining diversity in the workplace and has that definition changed?

Kim Castelda, Amy Spurling and Jackie James agreed that is has. And in order to attract, retain and cater to all employee backgrounds and preferences, they argued that we need to 1) throw out antiquated terminology in how we define employee populations and 2) remove labels to understand individuals.

The panel kick-off WSJ video reminded us that it’s critical for CEOs to understand that diversity and inclusion is a competitiveness and a business issue, not just a social issue.

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It’s time we think about the diversity conversation in new ways and figure out how to reach employees where they are – in their careers and in their lives. As the moderator, here are the 5 key things that stuck with me after the event was over.

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