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BlumShapiro Staff to Volunteer at Connecticut Elementary School

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This week, Top 100 firm BlumShapiro announced that over two dozen staff members will once again volunteer to teach financial basics to Webster Hill Elementary School students on Friday, June 2nd. The event will look to introduce the foundations of entrepreneurship and financial literacy to the school’s second through fifth grade classes.

The firm will work in conjunction with Junior Achievement’s “JA in a Day” program for the eighth consecutive year at Webster Hill, located in West Hartford, Conn.

“Serving as a teacher for an entire day in front of elementary school students is a demanding yet very rewarding experience,” said Andrew Lattimer, partner of BlumShapiro, per a statement. “Seeing the interest and appreciation from these children for hands-on lessons that I provide is the reason for me volunteering every year. With JA’s curriculum, I make the business world a little more understandable in their minds. And, the amount of creativity shared by the students continues to amaze me every year.”

As part of the “JA in a Day” program, each grade will be assigned their own financial curriculum, as follows:

  • “Our Community” (2nd Grade): Participants explore how communities function.
  • “Our City” (3rd Grade): Focuses on skills, careers, and how businesses fit into a city.
  • “Our Region” (4th Grade): Explore the basics of entrepreneurship, as well as risks vs. rewards.
  • “Our Nation” (5th Grade): provides practical information about businesses’ need for individuals who can meet the demands of the job market, including high-growth, high-demand jobs. Students will learn that businesses need workers with skills that are in demand, such as STEM skills–science, technology, engineering and math.

BlumShapiro’s “JA in a Day” event underway last year at Webster Hill Elementary School.

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