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City of the Future: Envisioning the Future for the City of New Britain

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The Vision Story Frames Your Strategy

Mayor Erin Stewart of the City of New Britain, Connecticut recognized that a clear and concise vision will ultimately lay the foundation to build a progressive plan to revitalize the City.

In collaboration with Mayor Stewart and her staff, blum framed a strategic vision that re-imagines New Britain and incorporates new ideas and emerging approaches to city government that serves to engage constituents, while setting the stage for change.

blum provided the City with a method for developing its own vision story. As a result, New Britain has crafted a blueprint for improving the City’s culture, services, technology and economic development.

The Results

With blum’s guidance, Mayor Stewart created a rich and vivid vision for the future that details ideas for:

  • Redefining the working relationship between the City and the school district to improve the education services provided to the City’s youth
  • Instituting a robust economic development plan focusing on fiscal responsibility
  • Encouraging new business opportunities by leveraging the City’s current assets, including:
    • A state university
    • A minor league professional sports team
    • Inter-county public transportation infrastructure
    • Arts and culture museum
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The blum Advantage

  • blum’s leadership and extensive planning experience provided the necessary platform to design municipal initiatives and rapidly implement them
  • blum can help your city form an obtainable vision, regardless of the size and complexity of the objectives

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