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City of the Future: Guiding the City of Danbury into the Future

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Strategic Planning Requires Vision and Execution

Mayor Mark D. Boughton of the City of Danbury, Connecticut recognized that a vision and a strategic plan were essential components for reimagining his city’s future.

Working with Mayor Boughton and his staff, blum developed a multi-year strategic plan to bridge the gap between where the City was and where it, ultimately, wants to be.

blum provided a methodology for strategic planning. As a result, an extensive planning program began, and a portfolio of strategic initiatives intended to refresh the City’s approaches to education, service delivery, economic development, sustainability and quality of life emerged.

The Solution

blum applied its proprietary Six Step Strategic Planning Methodology to drive the strategic plan of the City. The work products included:

  1. Strategic Framework (Business Principles)
  2. Baseline Assessment (Current State)
  3. Target Definition (Future State)
  4. Opportunities Identification (Potential Projects/Programs)
  5. Plan Development (Detailed Plan and Timeline)
  6. Plan Administration (Ongoing Plan Maintenance)

blum and the City’s combined efforts created a multi-year strategic plan that is still in use today.


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The Benefits

  • blum’s leadership and extensive planning experience provided the necessary platform to design municipal initiatives and rapidly implement them.
  • blum can help your city form a vision of the future and develop a strategy to make that vision a reality.

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