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Connecticut Financial Advisory Council Is a Group with a Purpose

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West Hartford, Conn. – After attending many business association events that were enjoyable from a networking and social standpoint, Daniel Mauriello, a senior tax accountant for BlumShapiro, and Stephen Mok, a wealth transfer advisor for Lindberg & Ripple, felt like they needed something more.  Separately, they were both searching for an organization that would provide learning opportunities to enrich their careers and build camaraderie with other like-minded professionals.

 After being introduced by partners at their respective firms in 2015, Mauriello and Mok realized they had an opportunity to create something unique together.  With the help of the other founding members, the result was the Connecticut Financial Advisory Council.  CT FAC, according to its website, “is a professional association formed for advisors actively serving the business and estate planning markets.  Our goal is to accelerate the growth of up and coming advisors who believe in investing in themselves to better serve their clients.”

“We decided to build an organization of professionals from a cross-section of businesses who would share their respective knowledge and experiences in a way that would benefit everyone in the group,” said Mauriello.  “I believed this would be an effective way to build my own capabilities and really sustain my interest.”

“I wanted to meet other people like myself who were looking to grow intellectually and expand their competencies,” said Mok.  “I wanted to connect with the next generation of financial advisors, accountants and others.”

Today, CT FAC includes 15 members, including accountants, attorneys, and financial advisors.  The group is always seeking qualified new members to join.  “We’re looking for professionals who are eager to learn and to teach,” said Mok, CT FAC’s president.  “We’re a group with a purpose.”

Mauriello, who serves as CT FAC’s treasurer, says that quality not quantity is the driving force behind attracting new members.  “We seek people dedicated to building themselves professionally while at the same time willing to share their skill sets and experiences with others.”

CT FAC’s programming includes bi-monthly breakfast meetings rotated among members’ offices.  Each event includes a case study presentation where members learn how their fellow CT FAC associates would address a certain business issue.  For example, during one meeting the group discussed the lifecycle of a potential business client, from its formation to its operation to its eventual sale.  The panel discussed everything from the type of business entity to be created to the considerations of its sale.

CT FAC also produces a monthly newsletter generated by its members and co-hosts a quarterly event with other business organizations to bring further awareness to each other’s mission.

On October 4, CT FAC will hold its annual meeting at the former G. Fox Building at 950 Main Street in Hartford.  Billed as “Mind the Gap,” the event seeks to bridge the gap between partner level and associate level professionals across various accounting, financial, and legal disciplines.  Three speakers – Andrew Worthington CFP, senior vice present at Long River Wealth Management; Monique Polidoro Esq., partner at Rogin Nassau LLC; and Andrew Lattimer CPA, MST, partner at BlumShapiro – will present a case study showcasing how their different industries would address the situation.  In a second panel discussion called “Ask a Millennial,” Mok will be joined by Stephanie Kasson of BlumShapiro and Emily Wood from Asset Strategies who will answer questions about their specific industries and general business trends in “the millennial world.”  BlumShapiro is one of the three Platinum Sponsors of the event.

Thomas DeVitto
Chief Marketing Officer – BlumShapiro

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