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This article was originally published on The Enterprise website and can be viewed by clicking here.

Entrepreneurs are a special breed. When that “light bulb” of an idea strikes – one that has the potential to be a real game changer for the masses – these innovative souls waste no time getting to work. And a lot of work there is to build a business plan, set up meetings with prospective investors, fashion marketing materials and the list goes on.

As all the many and varied pieces of the startup puzzle come together and profits are generated, entrepreneurs, whose talents lie primarily in innovation and development, must turn their attention to yet another major business element…managing the company’s finances.

In order to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing business climates, companies, regardless of size or industry, must constantly be on the lookout for ways to cut costs, increase efficiency and boost profits. Start-ups can be particularly vulnerable to fiscal foibles since they have not had sufficient time to establish a secure client base.

Here is where outsourcing some of a company’s day-to-day operations – often referred to as back office – can prove critical to the success of a fledgling business. Outsourcing specific tasks, like payroll, HR functions and accounting, can go a long way toward helping startup owners achieve their goals, reduce overhead costs and ensure that they and other in-house employees are spending their time and energy on core competencies.

By outsourcing necessary but time-consuming tasks such as bookkeeping, tax return processing, auditing and year-end financial reporting, entrepreneurs can concentrate on what they do best. That “bright light” idea may have the potential to change the world as we know it, but without accurate and organized financial records the long-term success of a startup could come up short.

Accounting and finance firms that offer back office as-a-service employ seasoned experts; they utilize the most up-to-date accounting and financial software and are fully versed in local and federal financial rules and regulations. They also have access to the wide range of financial information necessary for business owners to make the many economic decisions they face today as a startup and tomorrow as a well-established company.

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