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First Group of Students Graduate from $eeds for $uccess

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Graduates of the inaugural blumshapiro $eeds for $uccess Financial Literacy Program were honored at an awards ceremony held last week at Cranston West High School.

Partners and employees at blum, with offices in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, joined Cranston Mayor Allan Fung; Rhode Island Treasurer Seth Magaziner; Cranston Public Schools Superintendent Jeannine Nota-Masse; and educators and school administrators from across the city last Monday to recognize students from both Cranston East and Cranston West High Schools who completed the $eeds for $uccess coursework this year.

blum employees dedicated hundreds of hours in creating the $eeds for $uccess Financial Literacy Program curriculum, and worked with Superintendent Nota-Masse and the teams at both high schools to officially launch the initiative this year. blum employees also served as volunteer teachers throughout the school year.

“We’re very proud of this program, and we’re very proud of the dozens of employees who volunteered their time and expertise to support this initiative,” said Greg Cabral, blum’s Rhode Island managing partner. “Most importantly, we’re proud of all of the students we have had the good fortune to work with over the course of the year and celebrate with during Monday’s event. Having a baseline understanding of financial literacy skills is a crucial part of anyone’s journey toward financial independence. We thank Mayor Fung, Treasurer Magaziner, Superintendent Nota-Masse and all of the educators in Cranston for recognizing the importance of financial literacy education, and for working with us to make this program a reality.”

The blum $eeds for $uccess Financial Literacy is currently targeted toward three different focus areas: high school students; students with developmental disabilities; and disadvantaged adults. The company plans to continue expanding the program in years to come.

“I’m thankful for the generous efforts of blum to bring this valuable financial literacy program to students at Cranston High Schools East and West,” said Mayor Fung. “This collaboration between Cranston Public Schools and blum is a great example of how a public-private partnership can benefit the community. The financial world has been rapidly changing in recent years and the $eeds for $uccess program has given our students a strong foundation to navigate their future financial lives.”

“As Treasurer, and a former school teacher, I have seen the importance of teaching financial literacy as early as possible,” said Treasurer Magaziner. “I am grateful that blum is supporting the $eeds for $uccess program in Cranston. This program is an excellent example of what community partnership can achieve.”

The awards ceremony was attended by nearly 100 students, parents, teachers, administrators and BlumShapiro employees.

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