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How a Managed IT Provider Can Help Your Non-Profit Use Technology to Accomplish Its Mission

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How a Managed IT Provider Can Help Your Non-Profit Use Technology to Accomplish Its Mission

Over the past several months non-profits have seen the important role technology plays in the operations of the organization. From having the right tools to allow for remote work to making sure the proper cyber security protocols are in place, the need for an IT team is more important than ever before. However, for non-profits that continue to be challenged with doing more with less, finding a complete IT solution for their organization is both challenging and costly. Non-profits looking for a chance to maximize their technology operations without breaking the bank are looking towards managed service providers (MSP) to partner with them on their IT needs.

What Is a Managed IT Provider?

A Managed IT provider is a third-party partner who will come in and service your organization’s technology needs. A good MSP will have multiple resources available to address a variety of technical skills that no one person would be able to possess.  By working with an MSP your non-profit will not only get someone taking on the role of an IT Director, but the experience of a full team of IT professionals at your disposal.  This can often be accomplished for less than the cost of a full-time employee.

How Can a Managed IT Provider Help?

Provide a Custom Technology Strategy

Every non-profit has different needs when it comes to technology. Managed IT providers will get to know your organization and develop a technology strategy that is geared specifically to help you accomplish your goals. Having a wealth of experience around different technology solutions and scenarios, an MSP will be able to help your organization maximize the value it gets out of technology and use it to advance your mission.

Complete Technology Support

By having a full team of IT professionals by your side, your organization will have 24/7 support for all of your technology support needs. In today’s environment with the increased need for remote work, this is an extremely valuable feature. By working with a Managed IT team, gone will be the days where your staff and volunteers struggle to log on from home and connect to your networks, as the MSP will be able to assist with these challenges as needed. While the emphasis might be on remote work for right now, a Managed IT team will be able to work on other technology and computer challenges for your employees such as software installations, network configurations and more.

Manage Your IT Budget

As a non-profit the majority of your budget is spent on advancing your mission. An MSP can leverage its knowledge and experience across its work with multiple non-profit organizations to develop the right suite of software solutions and technology tools that fit within your budget. Allowing a Managed IT partner to create and monitor your technology budget can go a long way towards maximizing both the value you get out of IT and the amount of your overall budget that can go towards the work you do.

Spend Your Technology Budget Efficiently

By working with an MSP your organization immediately accesses a full team of IT professionals – something that would be extremely costly and challenging to do if you were to hire an in-house team. Under the managed services model your organization will get access to this full team for an affordable cost. Not only that, but the IT provider will be responsible for employee management including training, onboarding and offboarding. Your team will be able to truly focus on the goals of your organization, not on the challenges associated with hiring and managing a team.

Ensure Your Safety from Cyber Threats

Non-profits are a prime target for cyber criminals. Information like donor data, credit card information and personal information regarding the people your organization serves is all data that criminals are on the prowl for. The right Managed IT provider will help your organization prevent attacks by incorporating the right protocols, monitor your systems for threats and help train your employees around cyber security best practices.

As a non-profit your time and focus are of the utmost importance to the success of your organization. If you’re spending a good chunk of your time dealing with technology challenges and issues, that is less time you have to work towards your goals. By working with a Managed IT provider your organization can take advantage of having a complete IT team at your side that is fully immersed in your team and mission. Click here to learn more about how blumshapiro and our Managed IT services can help your non-profit use technology to advance your mission.

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