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At the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, offices across the country shut down suddenly and embraced remote work like never before. Management expected this transition to be disruptive, slashing into efficiency and productivity. Instead, most organizations continued full steam ahead – and few people missed commuting to the office.

There’s a strong case for working from home, and due to the pandemic, many organizations are discovering it works better than they had ever anticipated. That’s even true for complex, detail-oriented workloads like accounting. One might predict they would break down without access to the office, but many teams haven’t skipped a beat.

Now that organizations realize how accessible and even advantageous it is to work outside the office, it’s time to focus on optimizing remote work as much as possible. Technology has a critical role to play as it forms the connective tissue between collaborators and the data they all share. That being said, some technologies facilitate remote accounting and finance better than others. At this transitional time, why consider anything except a top option?

Sage Intacct: Optimizing Accounting From Anywhere 

As organizations across the country have had to adapt to a remote work experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those that have the right type of accounting software in place have seen more success in this new environment. Choosing the right solution can be a challenge, and selecting the wrong software can lead to wasted time, increased confusion, errors and disorganize the accounting team. The right solution will do just the opposite.

As a leading financial management solution for mid-market companies, Sage Intacct was already in-demand before remote work became the standard. Now, it’s receiving significant interest from companies eager to upgrade accounting and uncouple it from the home office at the same time.

Why is Sage Intacct seen as a uniquely powerful solution for accountants working remotely? Here are just a few of the benefits: 

  • Deep Data Accessibility – Instead of relying on the office file cabinet, find everything relevant to accounting inside of Sage Intacct. That includes invoices that you can drill down to, contracts, internal documents, and reams of data. Working remotely shouldn’t leave anyone feeling out of the loop.
  • Insights On Demand – Lack of data combined with lack of time make it challenging to get insights and analytics outside of the office. Fortunately, Sage Intacct comes with automation to expedite the reporting process and dashboards to highlight freshly-updated KPIs. That way, a user’s location doesn’t compromise his in-depth understanding of accounting.
  • Cloud-Based Capabilities – Sage Intacct is as a true cloud solution, meaning one purpose-built for the cloud. Unlike software that merely enables remote work, the cloud makes accounting location-agnostic, eliminating any meaningful distinction between working inside versus outside the office.
  • Robust API Ecosystem – Remote accountants can easily collaborate with each other or assist other departments using APIs. Sage Intacct integrates with a whole ecosystem of enterprise apps (Salesforce, ADP, etc.) thanks to the extensive number of APIs available.
  • Reliable Remote Security – Perfect remote functionality counts for little if it puts sensitive data at risk. Sage Intacct makes cyber security a top priority, working constantly to stop threats and upgrade protections so that users don’t have to.

Despite the struggles to make remote work productive, 82% of the accountants in a recent survey plan to allow for remote work moving forward. In some form, it’s the future of accounting. Make sure your staff is working efficiently with the aid of Sage Intacct – and blumshapiro to optimize your implementation. 

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