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Securing the Flybridge Future: How blum’s Custom Chief Information Security Officer Works to Keep Flybridge Protected

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The Challenge

Flybridge Capital Partners found themselves moving to a modern shared workspace in Boston’s Back Bay.  Find out how Flybridge utilized blum’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services and technologies to segregate their environment and keep them secure from the other users in a shared space.

By moving to a WeWork coworking space, Flybridge Capital Partners was challenged by how to keep its confidential information secure. In a technology environment like this, everyone is working off the same network, opening everyone to security risks. Coworking spaces attract different types of individuals – from prospering entrepreneurs to corporate clients and freelancers; it only takes one user to click on a malicious link to compromise the network for everyone in the building. In a way, everyone attached to the network is a threat. Flybridge, a venture capital firm, handles highly confidential information that needs to be secure and protected.

The Solution

As part of blum’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, our team met with Flybridge’s Chief Financial Officer to better understand the security concerns the organization was facing and the outcomes they were looking to achieve. Having these discussions early on set the groundwork for determining the best solutions that would work to keep Flybridge’s confidential information secure.

Our team first worked with Flybridge to complete a comprehensive security risk assessment of its infrastructure. This included:

  • Assessment of the existing technology infrastructure controls, including all key hardware, software and telecommunications as they relate to the operations
  • Evaluation of security access controls over information assets
  • Review of the documented policies, procedures and practices
  • Identification of strengths/weaknesses within the current process and controls of information assets
  • Analysis of vulnerabilities presented by the existing infrastructure
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The Benefits

Based on the collective expertise of our cybersecurity team and our in-depth understanding of Flybridge’s challenges and its need for tight security, our CISO decided the implementation of a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool would be the best strategy to monitor and secure Flybridge’s data. Our partnership with the AlienVault SIEM helped to seamlessly integrate Flybridge’s use of the G-Suite of services (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive). Not only did AlienVault integrate with G-Suite but also with Flybridge’s firewall and wireless units. This enabled Flybridge to have insight into its security posture at any given time, with continuous monitoring and alerting. Additionally, the Flybridge infrastructure is routinely scanned for vulnerabilities to proactively identify new areas of potential exposure.

By using blumshapiro’s CISO services, Flybridge leveraged our cyber experts to make sure their business was well protected from external and internal threats, so they could focus on their core business. blum’s comprehensive risk assessment helped to identify potential security gaps. Based on our assessment, we were able to recommend a SIEM solution that gave them unprecedented insight into securing their information assets.

Working with the CFO, we were able to develop an understanding of the organization’s core goals and business environment, in order to customize a security program that represented a value proposition from both an operational and financial perspective. The blum CISO helps to monitor security issues as they arise along with checking in with Flybridge on an ongoing basis. Their relationship with Flybridge is built around a continual exchange and analysis of information to keep the company protected from the latest cyber threats, as well as provide recommendations to help protect them from future threats.

Our blumshapiro team asked us the tough questions that needed to be asked to develop a solution that now keeps our network secure, compliant and continually monitored for threats. We now have the peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to protect our organization from the latest cybersecurity threats, and can now spend more time focusing on the future of our business.
Mathew Guiney, CFO, Flybridge

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