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Students at Webster Hill Elementary School to Receive Business Lessons

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For the ninth consecutive year, hundreds of students at Webster Hill Elementary School in West Hartford will learn about the fundamentals of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy from some very dedicated blum volunteers. More than two dozen blum employee volunteers will, as they have done every year since 2010, provide interactive lessons using Junior Achievement curricula to teach more than 230 students in grades 3-5 on June 1.

The program, called JA In A Day, is a rewarding experience for both students and blum employees-turned-teachers. In addition, Fox 61 weekday morning anchor Keith McGilvery will experience for the first time the joy of interacting with Webster Hill students as a new JA instructor alongside blum volunteers.

“Our annual visit to Webster Hill Elementary School is a special day for us.  We get to blend our work experiences with the education tools provided by Junior Achievement to open young minds to the possibilities awaiting them with their future career choices,” said Michael C. Pelletier, partner and chief innovation officer of BlumShapiro Consulting. “To see the students engaged in the interactive activities we lead is a very rewarding experience.”

The JA In A Day Elementary School Program consists of curricula that helps students understand business and economics, and provides lessons and learning tools focused on the three grades:

  • JA Our City (3rd Grade) studies careers, the skills people need to work in specific careers, and how businesses contribute to a city.
  • JA Our Region (4th Grade) introduces students to entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs use resources to produce goods and services in a community. Students solve problems by weighing risks and rewards.
  • JA Our Nation (5th Grade) provides practical information about businesses’ need for individuals who can meet the demands of the job market, including high-growth, high-demand jobs. Students will learn that businesses need workers with skills that are in demand, such as STEM skills–science, technology, engineering and math.

blum volunteers follow each classroom’s schedule by providing instruction in the morning, followed by lunch and returning for afternoon sessions.

Webster Hill Elementary School is located at 125 Webster Hill Boulevard in West Hartford.

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