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The Cyber Security and Risk Assessment Advisory Team Facilitates Growth of Lobbying Firm from Early Stages to Top 10 Status

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Insights  <  The Cyber Security & Risk Assessment Advisory Team Facilitates Growth of Lobbying Firm from Early Stages to Top 10 Status

The Challenge

A former Representative leaves Congress and starts a lobbying firm. With four full-time employees in two offices, an external IT consulting group is hired to build the firm’s IT system. After six months of operation, the firm faces daily system outages and a $50,000 price tag to implement additional changes recommended by the existing IT group. The lobbying group contacts David Sun and the risk assessment team for a second opinion.

The Solution

Our experts conduct a thorough review of all IT systems capabilities and user requirements. They find that the system implemented by the prior group was built on outdated, proprietary software. Integration of remote offices into the existing system would incur significant costs to overcome antiquated technology. In addition, user workstations need security controls, and users need to be made aware of basic safe computing practices. The team recommends an IT system architecture based on reliable technology and industry best practices, reusing existing infrastructure where appropriate. A seamless transition occurs for all users at a fraction of the previously quoted price. Systems are standardized and remote support capabilities implemented on all devices.

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The Benefits

The firm realized that IT system support costs can be contained-without impairing system performance or user satisfaction-by utilizing the proper technology and support philosophy. Eight years later, the firm is now a Top 10 firm growing to more than 75 users with four offices, still using the our architecture and support. The client avoided significant support costs and system down time. Overall IT support costs remain to this day, less than the cost of one full-time IT professional.

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