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With the Push of a Button: How Automation Has Led to Better Client Deliverables for CBFS

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About Constitution Billing and Financial Services

Constitution Billing and Financial Services (CBFS) offers support to 15+ surgery centers and over 30 total entities, providing them with in-depth knowledge of healthcare, accounting, finance and revenue cycle management Their challenge? The current system and its 15+ manually managed entities created repetitive entries into multiple systems and made reporting a very time-consuming process. As the organization continued to grow, CBFS needed a solution that would eliminate manual processes and provide greater visibility across all of their surgery centers and entities.

How Did blumshapiro and Sage Intacct Help CBFS?

Centralized Data: Under CBFS’ previous solution, each client had its own database so making entries across clients had to be done twice. Having data such as vendor spending for each entity spread out across multiple databases made it challenging to get an overall view of vendor spending across the organization. With Sage Intacct, CBFS now has everything centralized in the system and can easily pull reports for not only each individual client, but for their entire organization.

More Time: With so much manual work with previous systems, the CBFS accounting team spent much of their time entering and rekeying data, and formatting reports for clients. With Sage Intacct these processes are automated and the team is now able to deliver greater value to their clients by taking a deeper dive into the numbers and providing more analysis to the client. For instance, the team can now spend more time analyzing clinical data and how that translates to the financial statements – providing even more value to their clients.

Constitution Billing and Financial Services

Generating and formatting reports used to be at least a half-day process. With Sage Intacct we were able to achieve our goal of generating reports with one push of a button. - Eric Briggs, Controller

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Reporting: With all of its data now housed in one system, reporting is done with a push of a button. The benefits of reporting for CBFS are two-fold; both for their clients and for themselves. For clients, CBFS can now provide more comprehensive reports that are easier to comprehend, and more visually pleasing. From an organizational standpoint, CBFS can now pull information that covers all of their clients, such as vendor spending. The blumshapiro implementation team was able to customize the set-up of reporting based on CBFS requirements, and now all CBFS has to do is run their reports.

“I can now pull spend information from a specific vendor that multiple clients are using and get pricing specials for our clients. I wasn’t able to see this with our old systems.” – Eric Briggs, Controller

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