Technology, Life Sciences and Clean Energy COVID-19 Resources

Our Technology, Life Sciences and Clean Energy services group has compiled articles and resources to help businesses find the needed information to assist them in navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

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Technology, Life Sciences and Clean Energy COVID-19 Resources

Our Technology, Life Sciences and Clean Energy services group has compiled articles and resources to help businesses find the needed information to assist them in navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

Along with other businesses, those in the Technology, Life Sciences and Clean Energy industries have been thrust into the great unknown amid the extraordinary amount of disruption caused by the global outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease. To assist in navigating these turbulent times, our team of experts have created and compiled several resources to help you tackle these challenges while continuing to meet the needs of your customers.

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How Big Tech Is Setting the Work-From-Home Standard
Silicon Valley loves its disruption. If any industry was prepared to handle the monumental changes brought on by the coronavirus, it’s big tech. Companies like Twitter and Facebook were some of the first to require their employees to work from home, even before official shelter-in-place orders went into effect. Now, they and others have extended their remote work policies to allow their employees to telecommute from home forever, even after the pandemic ends. read on

Office work will never be the same
The pandemic brought us more meetings, longer hours, and remote everything. read on

11 best practices for Microsoft Teams video meetings
Here’s what to do before, during and after leading a video call in Microsoft Teams to ensure a beneficial experience for all. read on

The Apple-Google Contact Tracing Plan Won’t Stop COVID Alone
Putting the privacy of these smartphone apps aside, few Americans have been tested—and there’s a risk of false positives … read on

Rules Rewritten: Managing Data Centers Through the Pandemic
The world’s data center operators have made big operating adjustments. Some of these changes may stick around post-crisis … read on

Tech companies are crucial players in the coronavirus response. Are they contributing what’s most needed?
They’re donating millions of masks from their stockpiles. They’re teaming up with hospitals to share and analyze data. And they’re offering up their computing capabilities to help researchers. Tech companies large and small are coming forward as crucial players in the response to the coronavirus crisis. read on

Managing the Commercial Impact of the Coronavirus: Implications for the Technology Industry
The coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has now been documented in more than 100 countries and territories. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc on markets and industries in the U.S. and around the world, businesses are now confronting significant and unique challenges. read on

The Asian Tech Industry’s Coronavirus Response: Now and the Future
The coronavirus outbreak throughout Asia has disrupted operations and upended 2020 plans for many technology companies, given the industry’s heavy concentration of manufacturing bases and customers in China and nearby countries. read on

life sciences

How COVID-19 is changing the sales model
The COVID-19 pandemic means that reps can no longer speak face-to-face with physicians and many HCPs simply don’t have the time to engage with pharma. As part of eyeforpharma Virtual we spoke with Florent Edouard, senior vice president and global head of commercial excellence at the Grünenthal group, and Jan van den Burg, vice president for commercial strategy at Veeva Europe, to get their thoughts on the changing situation and hear how Grünenthal adapted quickly to a virtual sales model. read on

What pharma can do to win in virtual
Early data indications from the first virtual congresses shows big changes are needed. As the life science industry is bracing itself for a prolonged period with minimal in-person meetings, what can the data from the first few months in lockdown tell about how best to navigate this future? read on

5 Biopharma Execs Reveal Corporate Culture Best Practices
“Corporate culture will soon be the number one reason why an employee stays or leaves a company.” read on

WHO: More than 70 COVID-19 Vaccines are in Development, Three in Clinical Trials
More than 2 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and the pharmaceutical industry is pulling out all stops to find potential treatments and vaccines for the global pandemic. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are now more than 70 potential vaccines under development, with three already in clinical trials …  read on

Coronavirus news roundup April 9, 2020
As the number of coronavirus cases in the world exceeds 1.4 million, the pharma industry is pushing to find new drugs, therapies and tests in the effort to bring the pandemic under control. We round up the latest R&D, digital health, events and business stories about coronavirus over the past week … read on

Biopharma Industry News: Update on the Novel Coronavirus
As the number of diagnosed cases of COVID-19 continues to increase across the globe and more and more governments are urging citizens to self-quarantine, the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry continues to work toward the development of a vaccine … read on

Massachusetts life-sciences industry at forefront of worldwide fight against coronavirus
As Massachusetts braces for a surge of patients infected with the coronavirus, the state is playing an outsize role in the global fight against the pandemic. Companies in the state are scrambling to develop and distribute potential vaccines, drugs, and diagnostic tests. Researchers at Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and other schools are studying everything from genetic resistance to the virus to whether better face masks can be designed to protect people. read on

The coronavirus could help pharma reset its reputation in Washington
The coronavirus outbreak could be the pharmaceutical industry’s ticket to saving its reputation in Washington. Already, the fervid crusade to contain the epidemic refocused a White House meeting centered on high drug prices onto the industry’s ostensibly more commendable work to develop vaccines and therapies that target the virus. And there are early indications the industry is leveraging the shift in the conversation … read on

clean energy

Energy Storage Industry Expected to Rebound in 2021
Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, the medium-term future for the global energy storage industry remains bright. read on

COVID-19 Stunts Solar Job Growth
The U.S. solar industry will employ 114,000 fewer workers by June, compared to previous forecasts that projected the industry would employ 302,000 Americans over the same time period. With an expected workforce of 188,000 people, this job loss will take the industry back to 2014 levels as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. read on

Five reasons why Covid pandemic is perfect time to introduce carbon fee-and-dividend schemes
Such a move would boost flagging economies and the fight against climate change while putting more money into people’s pockets, write Gerard Reid and Gerard Wynn read on

Global solar growth 18% lower than expected as COVID hits market: Wood Mac
Global solar construction and development growth is slowing as countries enforce unprecedented Covid-19 lockdowns, according to analysts at Wood Mackenzie who cut their 2020 PV installation forecast by 18% … read on

Coronavirus: Falling power demand is impacting clean energy
Much of the European economy is on some level of lockdown, with citizens and businesses in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom all forced to curtail their usual habits, stay inside and wait until the coronavirus pandemic is under some sort of control. No one knows quite how long these measures could be in place, of course, but in the meantime, the sudden downturn in economic activity that has plunged much of Europe and the rest of the world … read on

Climate Change Push Fuels Split On Coronavirus Stimulus
Clean energy and climate advocates say the huge stimulus bill Congress is negotiating should address not only the economy, but also climate change. But a split over that appears to have contributed to delays in passing the bill. read on

Inside Clean Energy: Coronavirus May Mean Halt to Global Solar Gains—For Now
In the middle of a public health emergency, it’s difficult to think about much of anything besides keeping everyone safe. But we also need to look ahead at the potential economic effects of this crisis on the transition to clean energy. With that in mind, we are getting a better idea of what coronavirus means for the growth of solar power in the near future. read on

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